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What is available for NCLB SES programs?
Manage Administrative Duties
Register Students and Staff
Enroll Students and Track Attendance
Automate Billing
Analyze Outcomes
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For Supplemental Educational Services

Automate data collection and billing for providers and students. SES for Supplemental Educational Services enables school districts, supplemental service providers and educators to automate the process of recording, billing and evaluating services. Designed as a full-featured web application, the software gives SES stakeholders a common platform for meeting the educational objectives outlined by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Manage Administrative Duties for SES simplifies the intensive administrative tasks associated with Supplemental Educational Services, facilitating communication and easing the data management process:

  • Maintain your approved list of service providers, capturing detailed information on each agency.
  • Quickly and easily communicate with those agencies via a shared login screen.
  • Use the administrative platform to add, remove or transfer students without difficulty.
  • Track and report on a variety of metrics—compare, for example, registered students to actual participation at program sites, or examine student enrollment by school of origin.

Register Students and Staff
The system guides you through the process of registering SES eligible students and program staff:

  • Record basic input such as addresses, ID numbers, emergency contact information and learning or medical conditions with customizable student and staff registration forms.
  • Use student registration forms to capture detailed information about student goals, achievement timeframes and evaluation criteria
  • Collaborate resourcefully as you link to your school district’s student registration system.

Enroll Students and Track Attendance
Once students are registered, you can enroll them in services and follow their attendance:

  • Ensure that students are served by only one provider at a time with built-in tools.
  • Maintain detailed attendance information for each student, including the staff provider, date and duration of service, and subject matter.
  • Analyze attendance patterns by student, SES provider and school site.
  • Track student service history over time and across providers.

Automate Billing for SES automates billing procedures, streamlining your billing process and keeping your financial records current:

  • Standardize student budgets and the process of budget draw-down.
  • Use real-time online invoice updates as providers record student attendance to show per student and per provider costs.
  • View billing statements to keep abreast of fees accrued per participant and outstanding balances.

Analyze Outcomes SES supports the vital outcomes analysis process, aiding your SES initiative as you evaluate initiative success, guide policy or allocate resource investments:

  • Use student assessment information such as grades, scores, surveys and interview data.
  • Choose your data source as student grades and scores are being entered by the user or uploaded from files drawn from school district records
  • Match participation patterns to district information, enabling accurate and thorough analyses.

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