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Register participants and track attendance with ease. for Providers helps youth services agencies monitor, manage and report on their services. Users are able to collect and organize data with greater efficiency, streamlining tedious administrative tasks and increasing productivity. for Providers has the following components:

Participant Registration
The Participant Registration component maintains detailed and up-to-date records on persons served, helping service providers track and analyze the effectiveness of their programs.

  • Register youth and adult participants.
  • Keep detailed records of demographic information, contact information, emergency contacts, risk factors and health conditions.
  • Define unique data fields for intake forms and custom reporting.
  • Measure outcomes more easily by appending client assessments to registration forms.

Service Management & Attendance Tracking
The Service Management & Attendance Tracking component leads agenices through the process of creating service records and tracking participant involvement. With this component, service providers are better equipped to manage the services they offer, streamlining both preparation and service evaluation.

  • Assign staff and participants to services.
  • Record and simplify attendance with pre-printed daily rosters and customized online tools.
  • Manage and track a range of services for groups and individuals, including classes, tutoring sessions, case-management visits and special events.
  • Standardize service definitions, schedules and report calculations.
  • Customize forms and navigation to meet exact service-tracking needs.

Staff & Partner Registration
The Staff & Partner Registration component helps users manage employee and partner-agency data while increasing communication and enhancing the sense of community.

  • Monitor staff and partner involvement in program activities.
  • Track detailed information about staff: demographics, hours worked, and hiring prerequisites such as background checks and immunization histories.
  • Use email, bulletin boards and customized tools to share information, allowing staff and partners to be well informed and prepared.

Collaboration & Data Sharing
The software’s flexible web architecture allows organizations to collaborate and share data online, and can be customized to support unique data-sharing arrangements.

  • Serve a common group of clients through multiple service locations and still use a single database.
  • Establish unique user account permissions so that staff, volunteers and partners can collect and input data within assigned areas of the system.
  • Ensure database security by allowing other users access only to needed input forms.
  • Allow funders and the public to view program statistics, activity descriptions and hours of operation while protecting confidential participant data.

Outcomes Analysis
The Assessments outcomes-analysis tool enables users to generate customizable reports that help evaluate the effectiveness of different programs and service offerings. This tool allows users to employ various analyses, facilitating and streamling the outcomes analysis process.

  • Input test scores and grades directly onto a participant record.
  • Relate program elements—such as program frequency or student attendance—to student performance.
  • Use standardized evaluation forms, user-defined assessment forms, and unique fields—such as school ID or social security number—that can link client data to external data sets.

Statistical Reports
The reporting tool organizes data into reports for presentations, program staff, administrators and funders.

  • Easily summarize an array of statistical service data, including the number of persons served, quantity of services provided, and average daily attendance.
  • Use the custom query tool to create unique queries and cross-tabulations.
  • Apply the resulting data to existing reports or export it to a spreadsheet.
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