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What is available for 21st CCLC programs?
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Meet Federal and State reporting requirements for 21st CCLCs. 21st CCLC is powerful and user-friendly software engineered to meet the needs of 21st Century Community Learning Centers and grant administrators.

The software enables users to manage information with greater efficiency and to automatically generate required Annual Performance Review (APR) reports. And, as with all our software, 21st CCLC can be customized to meet your specific data collection needs.

Track Participants and Services 21st CCLC guides you through the process of registering youth and following their program participation, streamlining the service tracking process:

  • Record key information on each participant including name, address, school, emergency contacts and demographics.
  • Enroll participants in program activities and track their attendance.
  • Use program tools to support data collection, including pre-printed attendance forms and options that integrate wireless and PDA technologies.

Manage Staff, Agencies and Facilities also enables Learning Centers to manage information about staff, partnering agencies and facilities. With the web-based software, users can:

  • Record staff names, addresses, schedules of availability, and pre-qualification information with customizable staff forms.
  • Use the agency forms to track agency names, addresses, contacts and organizational descriptions.
  • Manage information about rooms and buildings, including facility addresses, contacts, room capacities and use restrictions.

Create Reports also includes an advanced evaluation module that supports research and evaluation, automatically producing Annual Performance Review (APR) reports based on participant and service data:

  • Create statistical reports for presentations to funders, evaluators and others, detailing average daily attendance, unduplicated participant counts, participation by service category and overall participant demographics.
  • Generate enrollment lists, mail labels, contact sheets and attendance forms that facilitate the day-to-day management of services.

Collaborate Online
Community Learning Center staff can use 21st CCLC from multiple locations and across agencies, enabling each agency to function with efficient cooperation:

  • Use configurations that allow several agencies to serve a common group of clients.
  • Help administrative agencies to monitor multiple sites.
  • Allow funders to view summary statistics but not confidential client data.

Evaluate Outcomes 21st CCLC aids outcomes analysis by enabling users to customize data tracking and expedite collaboration:

  • Use web-based evaluation forms and user-defined assessment tools
  • Utilize “key” fields (such as school ID and Social Security number) to link participant and service data to external sources.
  • Support the 21st CCLC outcome evaluation model by capturing student grades, scores and the results of state-specific student assessments.

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