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What is available for GEAR UP programs?
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Manage GEAR UP programs with software configured for the task. for GEAR UP is designed for school districts and their partners participating in the federal GEAR UP program. The system helps track and evaluate the progress of participating students and captures the involvement of their support network, providing a single efficient hub for maintaining all information related to a student’s academic achievement.

Register and enroll students for GEAR UP guides users through the process of registering students, creating a streamlined enrollment process:

  • Easily record student information, from basic demographics like name, address, and emergency contacts to outcome information such as graduation dates and college attendance.
  • Enroll registered students in individual services such as tutoring, or group activities such as college visits.

Track attendance and progress for GEAR UP enables users to maintain detailed, up-to-date records on each participant, allowing program staff to:

  • Record attendance for all individual and group activities.
  • Develop a five-year academic picture for each student.
  • Track GPAs, exam scores, courses taken and educational progress.
  • Use several tools that support data collection, including pre-printed attendance forms and options that integrate wireless and PDA technologies.
  • Link to a school district’s student registration system, enabling transfers of student data between systems.

Manage the support network
One of the key elements of for GEAR UP is the involvement of the support network surrounding students, easing collaboration with detailed records and information:

  • Maintain a variety of data related to staff, parents and partner agencies
  • Use staff forms to record staff names, addresses, schedules of availability and pre-qualification information.
  • Track parents that participate in activities, from individual counseling to group workshops.
  • Categorize partner agencies by type, such as schools, service providers or funders.
  • Capture information such as agency names, addresses, contacts and organizational descriptions.

Create Reports
With, GEAR UP programs can also customize and create statistical reports for vital presentations with funders, evaluators and others:

  • Calculate average daily attendance, participation by service category and overall participant demographics.
  • Use system-generated enrollment lists, mail labels, contact sheets and attendance forms to facilitate the day-to-day management of services.
  • Automatically generate Annual Performance Review (APR) reports based on participant and service data.

Analyze Outcomes GEAR UP allows users to generate reports that ease evaluation, enabling agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of different programs and service offerings:

  • Capture GPAs, test scores and grades directly on participant records.
  • Develop analyses that relate program elements, such as participation frequency to student performance.
  • Link client data to external data with unique fields like school IDs or social security numbers.
  • Use program features like standardized evaluation forms, user-defined assessment forms and customized input fields to facilitate outcomes analysis.

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