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Simplify grant-making through online reporting. for Funders is a web-based system that gives grant makers and their funded agencies a common platform for managing data and communications. By automating data collection and reporting, the software lets grant makers focus on policy and program evaluation instead of paperwork. The software supports proposal review, work plan development, budgeting, invoicing and performance reporting. for Funders can be configured to meet a grant maker's unique program design. for Funders is comprised of the following components:

Grantee Directory
The Grantee Directory offers a simple, organized method for keeping track of multiple agencies. The Directory provides funders at-a-glance access to everything from agency staff information to Federal Tax ID numbers, simplifying record keeping and enabling funders to easily keep database information up-to-date. With the Grantee Directory component, users can:

  • Record basic information about a funded agency.
  • Track essentials like staff and board member information.
  • Easily access important pre-qualification information such as Federal Tax ID numbers and insurance expiration dates.
  • Organize grantees into groups for easy data access and retrieval.
  • Map clients served at each location.
  • Create mailing lists and labels for mass communications.

Progress Reports
Funders can establish periodic progress reports to ensure that service providers are meeting program objectives. Designed to meet the funder’s specifications, the reports include narrative and statistical information, assisting funders as they make comprehensive assessments.

  • Narrative components allow providers to describe recent activities or milestone achievements.
  • Customizable statistical reports typically include the number of clients served and clients served by service category.
  • Progress reports collect data from outcome-measurement tools, such as surveys, interviews and attendance reports.

Aggregate Reports
The Aggregate Reports component enables users to aggregate data, allowing for initiative-wide analysis. Funders can access an expansive set of initiative-level reports that focus on service projections, outcomes and funding allocations. For example:

  • Track the total number of clients served.
  • Examine the number of clients served across a demographic category.
  • Produce outcome reports summarizing the results of client surveys.
  • Compile financial reports tracking total funds allocated or expenditures by line-service type.

Proposal Review
The Proposal Review component streamlines the grant application process. Data resides in one storage center, which is available to any funder with password access. The Proposal Review module simplifies the process for both applicants and funding agencies:

  • Applicants enter grant proposals online, using customized forms that mirror a funder’s existing paper forms.
  • Funders can review proposals and enter scores, comments and funding decisions online.
  • Funders can also use the system to notify applicants electronically of requirements and decisions.

Work Plan
The Work Plan offers a seamless method for funders and service collaboratives to track qualitative and quantitative data for each service provider.

  • Users input data in standard, funder-specified formats based on their own evaluation frameworks.
  • Easy access to qualitative data, such as goals and objectives, service methodologies and statements of intended outcomes.
  • Track quantitative data, including client demographics, quantity of services provided and estimates of tangible outcomes.

The software's financial management feature allows funders to track detailed, line-item budgets their service providers create. An extremely flexible tool, the Budgeting component enables users to:

  • Manage multiple funding streams through linked budgets.
  • Track individual expenses against separate budgets.
  • Modify budgets over time with the versioning tool, supporting archiving, line item transfers and other funding adjustments.

Invoicing & Funds Tracking
A key efficiency feature of the software is its ability to accept invoices and track payments. The invoice module allows funded agencies access to a simplified and streamlined dispersal process:

  • Agencies can submit online expenditure requests.
  • Funders are protected through the establishment of reimbursement rules, such as limits on the amount of funds requested or additional documentation requirements.
  • When agencies submit invoices, the tool generates email receipts for the funder and funded agency.
  • As invoices are paid, the tool maintains a running tabulation of year-to-date expenditures and account balances.
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