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Mark Min, Chief Executive Officer
Mark has over 15 years of experience developing information systems for public agencies, school districts and nonprofit organizations. He manages software used by over 2,000 social services agencies nationally. His experience in diverse communities gives Cityspan a broad understanding of how technology can strengthen social service delivery and enhance program accountability. Mark holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mark Chuang, Chief Technology Officer
Mark is an application architect with over 10 years of experience developing database and internet technologies. He oversees all aspects of software development including database design, application programming and user interface development. Mark holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Timothy Herrera, Senior System Administrator
One of the first Cityspan programmers, Timothy wrote ASP code and did technical support and systems administration. After a few years, he left California for Oregon, where he worked as a Systems Programmer for the City of Eugene. There, he did server administration, systems security, project management, application architecture design, .Net programming (n-tier applications), and advanced systems and applications debugging. Less than 3 years later, Timothy returned to Cityspan where he manages the company network and communications, provides complex hardware and software support, and maintains the servers. He spends his spare time biking around the San Francisco Bay Area, rock climbing, and playing basketball.

Raphael Tran, Senior Programmer
Raphael has worked extensively with web enterprise solutions. Currently, Raphael heads the contract management system which includes designing and maintaining a custom framework to store, retrieve and report on grant data; the framework also includes incorporation of any custom business logic requested by the client. Raphael works closely with the services management system to integrate contract management functionality with client data. Raphael holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kent Hu, Senior Programmer
Kent has more than 10 years of experience with Internet and database technologies. He customizes the client-tracking system and builds report generators for new clients, and is responsible for maintaining the GEAR UP and 21st Century CLC annual performance report generators. Before joining the Cityspan team, he built web sites and web applications for MediaBubble and its clients, and learned how to drive a forklift in North Carolina. Kent holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

John Meyer, Programmer
John works on Cityspanís grant management system as well as special projects. Prior to joining Cityspan, John worked in New York City for half a decade before departing for Austin, Texas, where he led the development of an e-learning solution that would help companies understand Federal regulatory requirements. He is passionate about web standards and about creating elegant user experiences. John enjoys the functional aspects of XSLT. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Yale.

Kevin Ulin, Programmer
Kevin has 10 years of experience with web database technologies. He is responsible for developing Cityspan's client tracking systems. Currently, Kevin works on developing and maintaining back-end tools for the contract management systems and grants management systems. Kevin holds a BS in Computer Science from San Jose State University.

Chris Melius, Programmer
Chris has 5 years of experience developing database and internet technologies. At Cityspan, some of his projects include developing almost all the PDF reports, which utilize XSL-FO technology. He has also worked extensively on sites for SES grantees. Prior to joining Cityspan, Chris created e-commerce and marketing support systems for leading internet advertisers. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Han Zhang, Programmer
Han is one of the most recent additions to the Cityspan programming team. He has 4 years of experience in programming and web development. Currently he works on various projects, including developing customized reports for the city of Oakland Measure Y grantees and the National Science Foundation Academies for Young Scientists program. Han holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, where he co-developed an online mapping solution for the university campus.

Shomaila Hafeez, Office Manager
Shomaila joined Cityspan right after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BA in social welfare. Previously, she has worked as an administrative assistant, peer advisor, and served in various customer support roles. At Cityspan, Shomaila manages account and HR, is part of the Help Desk Support Team, and assists with all projects.

Lolita Tabujara, Customer Service Manager
Lolita is the primary help desk support staffer, answering questions and assisting clients with all aspects of She also conducts many WebEx trainings and represents Cityspan at conferences throughout the year. Lolita holds a Bachelor's in Music degree from the University of the Pacific. Prior to joining the help desk team, she served as a band director of competitive high school music programs and managed the Associated Student Body program at high schools in central California. In her spare time, Lolita tutors grade school students and also serves as the drum major for the San Francisco Renegades Drum and Bugle Corps.

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