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Access your data consistently with our dependable hosting services.

Because is web-based software, you'll need a web server to host it on. We can host the application for you within our Data Center or install it on your equipment under the terms of our Supported Server Agreement.

Data Center
Our Data Center is the highest performance environment for your application. Located at Savvis Communications (Santa Clara, California), the center uses the same high-speed network that connects Ebay, Yahoo and Reuters to the Internet. The Data Center relieves your organization of the tasks and costs associated with maintaining your own equipment. Within our Data Center, we run your application as a mission-critical web service supported by 24x7 monitoring, redundant, high-performance servers and a central security protocol. All aspects of application support are managed by our experienced staff, ensuring the system is continuously maintained and secure. For more information about the Data Center, please review our Security Policy and Privacy Statement.

Supported Server may also be installed on servers at a location of your choice. This option gives you physical possession of the data and opens possibilities for data sharing among applications on your network. Under the Supported Server Agreement, we provide support and maintenance via remote-controlled procedures. Connections may be made over a Virtual Private Network or a modem dial-up. Supported servers, like our data center applications, are subject to terms of our annual license agreement.

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